The “MAPS” Process

We’ve drawn in nearly two decades of winning proposals to develop a process that, simply put, works. The following outlines the MAPS process–the core of the Michael and Associates Proposal Solutions process. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at our past performance to find out more.

Michael & Associates Proposal Solutions Process (MAPS): A proven methodology that gets results.

MAPS Process

PHASE 1: Pre-RFP Release. Our process uses tools that have been honed through years of hands-on, must-win proposals. From the initial meeting through the “all in one” swiss army knife of project management, there are no surprises in our approach. The pre-RFP release phase offers an opportunity to hone win themes and discriminators, flesh out past performance, and determine team members that may be needed. But this is also a time for gathering as much information on the customer as possible–what they’re looking for (and what they’re trying to avoid). Is there an incumbent, and if so, is the customer happy with them? If not, what is the program manager looking for in a contractor–what are their win themes (and points of pain). This kind of due-diligence is critical to get the win, and it’s critical for you, our customer to do as much as possible long before the RFP ever hits the streets.

PHASE 2: RFP Release. Whether you decide to do a gap analysis, a black hat competitive analysis, or need an extension, we help ensure that your interests are not only protected, but promoted, with the customer. During this phase, kickoff, questions and clarifications, authors, timelines, and milestones are all determined. We become thoroughly acquainted with the requirements during this initial period, and help develop questions/clarifications that can improve the chances of getting the win.

PHASE 3: Proposal Development. The iterative MAPS process of solution development is driven by our Proposal Tool Kit, including our well-tested “all in one” template, which includes RFP requirements and storyboards. The proposal will not only be branded to your company, but it will be structured to make it easy for you–and your customer–to evaluate compliance. Our iterative development process uses a combination of efficient tools to reduce the number of files (and revisions) floating around. Both the template we develop and the project management tracker are integrated, comprehensive documents that save time and effort while reducing version-control risks. We also have a comprehensive “color review” process that engages all stakeholders and provides a clear roadmap for the process.

PHASE 4. Proposal Submission. Your proposal is the story of your company. Think of it as a book that persuasively explains why your customer should trust you over the other guys. The final deliverable to the customer has to be the best possible foot forward you have, and that’s what we at Michael and Associates Proposal Solutions deliver.