Michael and Associates Proposal Solutions offers a broad range of capability, including (but not limited to):

  • Proposal Management and Development
  • RFP & Gap Analysis
  • Marketing Communications & Branding
  • Technical Writing & Documentation

Proposal Management. Our phased approach includes all components of managing your bid from concept through delivery. Kickoff, through development, we offer a process that draws on nearly two decades of experience that works. When you’re developing a proposal, you can spin your wheels on a lot of storyboarding and meetings, without actually getting all that much done. Our unique and proven MAPS process provides a clear path forward through the maze of proposal development (see MAPS Process for more.) Over the past ten years, we’ve helped win the largest civilian procurement in history–Networx universal–and then put in place a Task Order response process that garnered the majority of wins for our Fortune 12 telecom customer. We did the same thing for Veteran Corps of America–first heading up single-handedly the ID/IQ re-compete proposal process, and then establishing a proven, efficient Task Order response approach. The notional diagram below is just one example of how this process works:

IDIQ to Task Order - Notional3

Value-Added Proposal Writing and Editing. At Michael and Associates Proposal Solutions, we don’t just manage the bid–although we do that, with the latest tools from Microsoft and Cisco–we also help you develop the solution. Some proposal contractors simply reformat what you’ve written, edit it, and toss it back over the transom to their customers. We do things a little differently: we help you develop your solution with creative, insightful input, and ask the tough questions that will ultimately help you succeed. Plenty of proposal contractors will help you develop your win themes, but have you worked with anyone who understands the customer’s win themes? Most proposal contractors will write up your solution just as you draft it, but have you worked with a proposal resource that helps you improve your solution with no-additional-cost improvements that exceed requirements? The following provides an example of how we complete our proposal templates, from blank pages to full-fledged, Grade-A bids:



RFP Analysis and Assessment. Procurements are, at their core, about one very simple thing: helping the customer meet their mission objectives. Sometimes the customer provides detailed requirements in their stated requirements–but often they don’t. The ability to find out what the customer is really after should be a key component of every bid, and that’s where Michael and Associates can help. Drawing on years of reviewing customer requirements, we can “read between the lines” to identify what the customer is really after so that your solution addresses their needs–those that have been stated, and those that have only been implied.

For a more detailed explanation of our comprehensive proposal services, please refer to “The MAPS Difference.”

Marketing Communications, Branding, & Graphics. We offer the ability to integrate your message consistently across all media–something that can ensure consistency and professionalism. So the story on your web site and the story in your proposal and the story in your marketing materials all fits together seamlessly. To find out more about our other capabilities, please click here.

Technical Writing & Documentation. Before we became award-winning proposal experts, we offered technical writing, user guides, and training manuals to customers including FEMA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The work included graphics interspersed with text (back in the day, considered very cutting edge!) for government work. Today, we’ve evolved in both our technical writing and graphics capabilities. please click here to find out more.