Integrated Branding & Messaging

Integrated branding ensures message consistency across your enterprise.

Integrated branding ensures message consistency across your enterprise.

After years of working with dozens of companies, we discovered something simple, but important: look, feel, and message should be consistent across all media. Makes sense, right? We think so. That’s why–driven by a track record of successful proposal design, development, and writing, and years in corporate communications–we provide end-to-end marketing materials, from proposals and Web content and design to presentations, brochures, and everything in between.

At Michael and Associates, we see relationships between content and branding where others simply see separate, unrelated categories of one-off marketing materials. As a result, from your elevator pitch, to your proposal’s executive summary and your website and presentations, we help you put together consistent, engaging, clear messaging and design.

More than Winning Proposals

Today, you need to make sure that your message is consistent across all media: proposals, web site, presentations, brochures, social media–everything should carry the same message. That’s why we’ve developed a “cross-platform” methodology that includes:

Branding and Marketing.  We provide end-to-end marketing materials–from Web content and design to hard-copy brochures and folders. Our team has the experience to build on your existing branded materials, or create a new look and feel.

Web Development. Our web design approach is driven by customer need, engaging content, and the latest in content management systems.

Multimedia. In our connected world, sometimes you need more than just words and pictures–you need to make a serious impression, and that means creating an engaging, high-end video about your company’s capabilities.

Graphics and Design. There are two main types of learning styles: one is verbal, and the other is visual. To engage your audience, we can provide the right balance. [examples here]

Technical Writing. Need instructional or training materials? Not a problem; we’ve developed  everything from training materials for the School for International Training to branded PowerPoint decks and Acrobat. We stay on top of the latest in presentation technology, so we create the technical content you need, in the format you need it in.