Proposal Management

When you hire us to help you put together your bid, we don’t just come in, reach into our magic bag of tricks, do the work, and leave. We actually provide you with the tools to do future proposals once we’re done. Of course, we’d prefer that you hire us again in the future, but the way we see it, you’re paying for more than just expertise, you’re paying for a process that gets results–and you should have access to the tools that made that process possible, including our Proposal Management Toolkit.


Some of the deliverables you will receive as part of your proposal toolkit include:

► Kickoff Powerpoint Deck. The slide presentation we put together for you and your team helps make sense out of the chaos, and provides an overview of the opportunity, the proposal process, team roles and responsibilities, evaluation factors, and a draft schedule.

Proposal Template. The proposal template or “shell” is a critical component to your proposal solution; unfortunately, it’s something that many largely ignore. The template can literally make or break your bid, because if it’s not well-structured and easy to evaluate, you could be poorly evaluated simply because the customer couldn’t figure out whether you were compliant or not. Our templates have proven to not only help ensure customers that they’re compliant, internally, but they help make it easier for evaluators to determine compliance, as well. Your template should be a branded “deliverable” that shows the customer that this is a blueprint for implementation and a professional-grade document that is a prologue to project implementation.

Project Management Tracker. Most bids have a lot of moving parts, and keeping track of them all–including who owns what and when it’s due–can be a daunting challenge. We’ve spent years developing our “swiss army knife” for project management, a tool that can reduce the number of files you have to deal and ensure you don’t miss a thing when it comes time to submit your bid.

► Questions/Clarifications Template. Asking the Government to modify their requirements can a key part of the proposal process, but simply “asking the Government” to do what you want isn’t enough. Our template and “context guidance” will help the Government respond the way you want them to–whether you need an extension or modified page count or a substantive change in requirements.

Review Process & Evaluator Package. Proposal reviews shouldn’t be a tremendous chore; they should be succinct, clear, and organized. Our proven tools not only ensure that your reviewers’ time isn’t wasted, but that the debrief keeps everyone clearly apprised of the how good the bid really is. Our “traffic light” rating approach ensures Pink Team and Red Team reviews are consistent, and drive improvements in the final version, section by section, by reviewer. For those who can’t be on-site, we set up WebEx conferences for anywhere-access to the review and debrief.

► Setting Expectations. What’s the proposal process? How will things proceed? What can be expected from kickoff–through submission? Clearly communicating what is going to happen during the bid process is often ignored or forgotten, but it can ensure that there’s no information vacuum (something that instills anxiety, rather than confidence). Our goal is to create a sense of engagement, teamwork, and confidence through clearly delineated proposal processes so that everyone is on the same page.