Graphics and Design

Professional look and feel. Engaging, clean design. The customer’s message visualized. These are some of the ideals that drive our approach graphics and design. With expertise in industry-standard tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Visio, and a host of online tools and applications too long to list, we offer the latest in professional design. The following showcases the level of graphics and design capabilities we offer for a variety of media applications.

Proposal Graphics

The evaluation of your proposal begins with any kind of submission–Q&A, RFI response, to your proposal template. Our proposal graphics range from cover graphics, to org charts, to callout boxes and let your customer know that they’ll get quality deliverables post-award.

Presentation Graphics

“Hey Bob, do you still have that customer presentation from last year? If so, could you email that to me?” Sound familiar? Too often presentations for customers are randomly generated, or re-purposed one-offs with old information. We can help you develop an engaging presentation that’s easy to keep up to date, with custom-designed graphics that fit your brand identity.

Miscellaneous Business Graphics

MAPS doesn’t just do proposals, we provide technical design skills that are well-suited for reports, white papers, and technical documentation.