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The Importance of Focus: Harvard’s Daniel Goleman Explains

Daniel Goleman is a thought-leader on Linked In (and in the corporate world at large). His work, which can be found in his book, FOCUS: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, explains the importance of staying focused. Goleman is a highly regarded author who concludes that focus is key to a complete, happy life. Goleman isn’t a new-agey guru […]

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Winning Proposals: Thou Shalt Comply

Do ya feel lucky today punk, well, do ya? Clint Eastwood once famously asked this rhetorical question of an unlucky criminal who didn’t know how many bullets “Dirty Harry” had left in his gun. A bit rough for proposal work, but the metaphor holds–when it comes to compliance, are you going to let luck determine whether […]

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Proposal Work: A Question of Balance

The thing about proposal development, writing, management? No one ever grows up saying “Ya know,I don’t wanna be an astronaut, doctor, firefighter, or the president. I’m thinking….proposal professional. Yep, that’s what I wanna be when I grow up.” And even the folks who are involved in proposals for a living talk about it jokingly. One […]

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Q. When is a Proposal NOT a Proposal?

A. When it’s a blueprint for implementation. A senior vice president of a top Fortune-ranked telecommunications company I’ve worked with was fond of the phrase “Don’t confuse selling with implementation.” Whenever he’d say this, people would nod their heads in violent agreement (hey, this was a senior vice president speaking!), but in the back of my mind […]

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Pre-RFP: What Can You Do?

It’s that no-man’s land between knowing that an RFP is coming out any time now and the time you have to work on it. What do you do? What can you do? Many proposal pros will tell you that the time leading up to RFP release can be frustrating (and their managers will echo this […]

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