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Can Templates Improve Federal Procurement?

Back in the fall of 2014, Michael & Associates President Greg Moreau was approached by the Editor of the Federal Times to publish a piece on an aspect of Federal procurement that is near and dear to my heart: templates. In the piece, Greg argued that a lot of difficulty and headache can be mitigated–as […]

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Processes Aren’t Enough: What’s Needed is a Culture of Accountability

I’ve written in many proposals that “even the best processes will not succeed without the best and brightest to implement them.” While this statement is true on its face, underneath it is a broader question: Are the best processes and the best and brightest enough to make a team work? Having worked on Capitol Hill, in the Federal […]

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Frequently Asked Questions (about Proposals)

This is a living, changing post, in which MAPS provides some answers to some of the more perplexing questions that vex even the most experienced proposal professionals. Q. How can we deal with ambiguities and/or contradictions in the requirements?  A. Most procurements include a Question and Answer period in which bidders can ask for clarifications about the requirements. One […]

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