In the “old days,” proposal teams needed a capture manager, a proposal manager who basically kept track of everything and held meetings (but not much else), book bosses, graphics specialists, copyeditors, and so on. Sometimes these teams are still required for large bids, but generally, most companies need a small, flexible team that can work under tight deadlines and provide the full spectrum of proposal capabilities–and that’s where we come in.

With almost 20 years of proposal development experience, we have extensive capabilities that span the range of procurement opportunities. From ID/IQs to task order machinery, we develop and manage proposals that get awards.

gear2Proposal Management. Today’s proposal methods require predictable, repeatable proposal management processes that get results. Our unique Proposal Toolkit, which includes all templates and processes–from kickoff through submission–provides everything you need to get the job done. With expertise in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Visio, and Excel; as well as Photoshop, Acrobat/PDF development, SharePoint, and a wide range of screen capture and recording tools, we exceed the baseline requirements offered by most proposal professionals. We also have extensive experience with capture management, to ensure that all resources are aligned with a proposal management project plan. On-site, or with online communications tools, we ensure constant engagement through instant messaging, “anywhere collaboration” via WebEx, GoToMeeting, and Skype. We also offer RFP and compliance gap analysis to ensure you “answer the mail”–as well as help you exceed requirements.


Process Improvements. Our proposal development expertise will help ensure consistent approaches to proposals from kickoff through submission. We also offer proposal training to your team members to help them understand how the proposal process works and what to expect. This includes the full range of proposal management, from template use and writing a compliant response to the review process and final submission. We can work with your process, help improve it, or provide our comprehensive, proven methodology–it’s up to you.


gabi drawing2Architecting your Project Blueprint. Unlike any other expert in the field, we help you design a proposal blueprint for implementing the project–because that’s what a proposal is, ultimately (find out more here). Our expertise includes a proven “iterative” template-based development process that ensures compliance, and persuasive messaging that emphasizes your strengths and undermines your competitors. We also build the foundation of it all—a professional look and feel, formatting for readability, and professional-grade graphics.

Proposals can be Daunting; we make it Easier. The proposal process can be pretty challenging, even in the best of circumstances. From a small 20-page bid to a 500-pager, when you need the extra edge, you need to invest in a pro. And that’s where Michael and Associates Proposal Solutions comes in. We bring the experience, attention to detail, and proven practices that can mean the difference between a close second-best and an award letter and notice to proceed. For more, find out what people who have worked with us think.