Can Templates Improve Federal Procurement?

Back in the fall of 2014, Michael & Associates President Greg Moreau was approached by the Editor of the Federal Times to publish a piece on an aspect of Federal procurement that is near and dear to my heart: templates. In the piece, Greg argued that a lot of difficulty and headache can be mitigated–as well as protests–with the government use of templates. By consolidating multiple documents, being explicitly clear about what should be responded to, and providing a template that bidders reply to, Greg argues that evaluations will be simpler, and the playing field will be more level for bidders (read the full piece here).

The piece received some interesting feedback from some federal procurement personnel, as follows:

DHS Procurement Official

~ Former DHS Procurement Chief

response to template 1

~ GSA Procurement Official

response to template nasa

~ NASA Procurement Official

Watch this space for further developments–MAPS is moving on an initiative to explore the possibilities that technology offers to support a new way to release procurements to the Federal contracting community.

Cheers and thanks for taking the time to check out this post.

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